"be HUNGRY, be FOOLISH" - Steve Jobs
"We don't stop LEARNING because we GROW OLD, we GROW OLD because we STOP LEARNING" - Amazing Books Calendar
"Don't STOP LEARNING, stay young" - Amazing Books Calendar


To be the star of education in Indonesia and the world through a variety of products and real actions, as well as guiding learners to achieve better education and reach their highest dreams. To contribute actively in the world of education by being a partner for teachers and students, and to enhance the world of education through teacher training.

About ASTA Ilmu Publishing

ASTA Ilmu Sukses is a publisher and distributor of school text books ranging from the lowest level of preschool to highest level of secondary school. Established in 2011, we have published various English, Maths, Science, Mandarin and course books for Indonesian language with a fascinating storytelling approach. We have been trusted as the exclusive distributor of various English teaching materials published by Oxford University Press/Oxford English Language Teaching since 2013 and the exclusive distributor of various Maths teaching materials published by Shinglee Education Singapore since 2017.

We have a strong passion to build a solid and professional team. Our team members are caring, committed to giving the best, and are truly dedicated to education, family and society.

Our routine is centred on working hard and enjoying a robust professional development program. Office outings, organizing events, training for ASTA employees / teams, annual awards, year-end celebrations, participation in conferences and seminars, and various trips abroad are some of our annual events that combine work with team building activities.