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is an Authorised Platinum Exam Centre for Cambridge Assessment English founded in March 2011 with the identification number ID280. Mentari Assessment provides all types of Cambridge English tests in Indonesia for students, teachers, and professionals.

Mentari Assessment has also become an Authorised Test Centre for Michigan Language Assessment, USA, by providing the MET Go! Digital exam. This exam can be conducted online and responds to the challenges of international assessment during the implementation of distance learning.

Our Commitment

Mentari Assessment is committed to providing the best service to our customers:


Supporting schools and educational institutions in the development of international standard English curriculum,


Comprehensive services to help schools prepare for exam implementation from consultation to training,


Taking complete care of the exam administration processes


Organising examinations that meet all standards (full compliance) of Cambridge Assessment English.

What is Met Go! Digital?

Michigan MET GO Digital

Met Go! Digital is a global English certification in collaboration with Cambridge Assessment English, UK, and the University of Michigan, USA. It covers beginner to intermediate levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR A1 - B1).

The exam is conducted entirely online for Indonesian students aged 11-15 years.

Skill 1 Skill 2

What is Cambridge English?

Cambridge Assessment English

Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

Cambridge English Scale

Cambridge Assessment, the non-profit department of Cambridge University, is a global leader in English language qualifications. Cambridge Assessment English (formerly known as Cambridge English Language Assessment), which has developed and produced Cambridge English examinations since 1913, is the world market leader of all qualifications for students and teachers who study and teach English.

Each Cambridge Assessment English exam focuses on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels, helping students to improve their speaking, writing, reading and listening skills gradually.

More than 5 million people in 140 countries choose to take the Cambridge English exam each year.

There are 20,000 universities, companies, governments and other organisations worldwide that rely on Cambridge English certificates as proof of English proficiency.

More than 5 million people in 140 countries choose to take the Cambridge English exam each year.

There are 20,000 universities, companies, governments and other organisations worldwide that rely on Cambridge English certificates as proof of English proficiency.

The Common European Framework of Reference plays a very central role in language and education policy not only in Europe, but also around the world. The CEFR is an important part of Language Ability Testers to help define language level skills and interpret language qualifications.

The CEFR describes language skills on a scale consisting of 6 levels starting from level A1 for beginners to C2 for those who are advanced. This makes it easy for everyone involved in language teaching and testing (students, teachers, trainers, and others) to see different qualification levels. This also means that employees and educational institutions can easily compare qualifications and see how they are related to Cambridge English exams.

All Cambridge English exams are in accordance with the levels outlined by the CEFR.

The Cambridge English Scale is an assessment used to report the results of a Cambridge English exam. The Cambridge English Scale is based on years of results and research reports and is designed to complement the CEFR. The Cambridge English Scale enables easier reporting of exam results and better meets the needs for exam users such as participants, teachers, universities, and immigration departments.

The Cambridge English Scale allows:


More detailed results

Candidates receive a score for each skill (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) plus Use of English. They also get an overall score for the exam on the Cambridge English Scale.


Straightforward and consistent

Results across our exams report on the same scale. Scores on the Cambridge English Scale replace the standardised scores and candidate profile.


Easy to compare performance

The alignment of our exams to the CEFR, to IELTS (in English) and to each other is clear. Results on the scale also give a greater insight into candidate progression from one exam to the next.

8 reasons why Cambridge English certification is needed


Participants receive international standard competency recognition.


Students will be motivated to learn English comprehensively.


Students will have a significant advantage when proceeding to higher level English examinations, higher levels of education, and get extensive career opportunities.


Exams start from beginner levels progressing to higher levels so that students can gradually build confidence and competence.


Cambridge Qualifications cover all four aspects of language skills, namely reading, writing, listening, and speaking, which is more relevant to everyday life.


Get objective evidence from an international standardised body that shows your students can achieve competence and success in the English language program at your school.


Cambridge English provides learning materials that support the learning process and exam preparation needs of teachers and students.


Cambridge English is recognised and trusted by organisations around the world for its high standards of quality.

Cambridge English Exam Levels

organised by Mentari Assessment

Level CEFR: C1

Level CEFR: B2

Level CEFR: B1

Level CEFR: A2

Level CEFR: A2

Level CEFR: A1

Level CEFR: Pre-A1

Exam Preparation Centre

An Exam Preparation Centre is any school or institution that prepares and includes candidates for Cambridge English exams through an official examination centre (Authorized Centre). Mentari Assessment is ready to help your school register as a Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre.
Schools or institutions register for a minimum number of participants in a one-year period. In order to get permission to use Cambridge Assessment logos and certificates, a minimum of 100 participants is required in a one-year period (August-July).
Being a preparation centre for Cambridge English exams is an easy way to become part of the Cambridge English community. As part of this community, the preparation centre has the right to receive a variety of benefits, namely:
  1. Access to Cambridge English Language Online Assessment for Preparation Centres
  2. Access the website for marketing materials including test fact sheets that can be personalised and sent directly to potential candidates
  3. Access to a variety of teaching support materials and ready-made presentations
  4. Direct newsletters from Cambridge Assessment English which include information about new developments, new offers, and special offers
  5. Some preparation centres receive certificates and can display logos for the purpose of promoting preparation programs (there are criteria that apply to the use of logos and certificates)
  1. Signed an agreement as an Exam Preparation Center
  2. Choose the exam schedule.
  3. Data collection of examinees and payment.
  4. Exam Preparation Centre registration to Cambridge.
  5. The day before the exam: prepare the exam room at school.
  6. The exam day.
  7. 3 weeks after the exam day: online exam results.
  8. 6-8 weeks after the exam day: certificate submission.
Click here to download the regulation for the exam day.

Scope of Cambridge English Exams conducted by Mentari Assessment

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