Getting to Know Mentari Digital

Mentari Digital provides innovative and integrated digital solutions with quality services. Since it was established in 2013, Mentari Digital is committed to assist in providing the best learning environment.

Mentarti Digital offers complete e-learning solutions using digital platforms, digital based curricula, learning resources, Learning Management Systems, online and digital encyclopedias, educational games and activities, and digital literature reading programs.

Mentari Digital as a Learning Solution

Highly active using digital media
Diverse learning styles
Quickly connect to social media
The dynamism of the digital era has resulted in rapid information sharing
Rapidly developing skills and competencies for the workforce
Hopes for high-quality education in Indonesia

Mentari Digital Values

  • As a leading distributor in the field of education, we integrate education and technology to provide innovative learning solutions.

  • We inspire students through creative use of technology to enhance their imagination.

  • We believe that high-quality and interactive learning methods will provide students with a rich and effective learning experience.

  • We believe digital learning is very inspiring and makes school activities fun.

  • We present reliable materials and quality teaching methods to schools and students based on our experience in the education and publishing sectors.

Learning Program


Tasya Purba / parent of P3A student, Ayra Intan C. S.
Bina Gita Gemilang School, Jakarta
"My child's vocabulary and grammar abilities have improved. He can solve math problems quickly. Even his ability using a computer has also increased."
Lisa / parent of P6 student, Teuka
Bina Gita Gemilang School, Jakarta
"Teuka enjoys learning through this portal. Fun activities make difficult lessons interesting."
Ina / parent of P5B student, Elsha Djohan
Bina Gita Gemilang School, Jakarta
"Elsha is now more enthusiastic about learning. It is easier for her to understand different topics by looking at the animated tutorials."
Devi Yunitri / P3 & P4 English teacher
Bina Gita Gemilang School, Jakarta
"This online portal provides us with ready-to-use material such as interactive slides to help us convey concepts that are difficult for students to understand. I can also give exercises as homework, which are automatically checked by the system."
Yuni Puspita / P3 & P4 Mathematics teacher
Bina Gita Gemilang School, Jakarta
"By using the portal, lessons are now delivered in an interesting way and students can master the concepts easily. I use the portal to introduce new topics because there are many explanations and exercises available with lots of activities."
Dea F. Wulandari / P5 & P6 Mathematics teacher
Bina Gita Gemilang School, Jakarta
"I just need to log in and I can find a variety of online questions for my students. It also shows that they are more interested for learning."
Ms Tanti / Teacher
Bina Gita Gemilang School, Jakarta
"It is very helpful for teachers because everything is available via the portal and this reduces our burden. E-learning is also a new way for students to learn and it is fun for them."
Natalie Rende / Teacher
Bina Gita Gemilang School, Jakarta
"This program gives me a variety of learning resources to choose from in my lesson plan. I can also search for and give assignments related to the topic, and discuss the answers together with my students."